I am a multi-disciplinary designer, product manager and entrepreneur

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Passion for solving big problems with elegance.

  • "Jason is a well rounded entrepreneur with a unique blend of business skills and technical ability to execute on innovative ideas."
    - Tim Streit / Huron River Ventures

  • "Jason's technical mindset combined with his business acumen gives him an advantage when translating and producing products for the real world."
    - Tim Garcia / Moasis

  • "Jason has a very creative, entrepreneurial mindset when implementing new marketing iniatives that align with the goals of the client."
    - Matt Reinsma / Bespoke Homes

  • "Jason is an extremely creative thinker and has a unique way of simplifying and solving complex problems."
    - Greg Matheny / RedThread Communications


I currently serve as Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Moasis from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Eight years ago, two other co-founders and I recognized location as a key influencer on consumer behavior. Fast forward to 2016, with much less funding than our competitors, Moasis has become a $10 million+ business and significant player in mobile advertising. My core responsibilities include leading all of product development, company branding, marketing, process development, product strategy, UI/UX design, fund raising and engineering team management. I’ve wore many hats at Moasis from the inception of the company and I’ve led a team that started with only 3 founders to over 30+ plus employees nationwide including a development team in Poland.

Prior to Moasis, I was contracted with RedThread Communications to develop their mobile services. RedThread was largely reliant on Flash technologies for their customer’s applications and with the introduction of the iPad, Flash quickly became obsolete. I was responsible for redeveloping existing Flash applications into HTML5 cross-platform online and offline applications. I led the development of new applications and built the front-end component for Herman Miller’s iOS enterprise portal, servicing their global sales force.

An interesting curve in my career path took me out of the digital world and into physical product development. TAKE10 Beverages, a side project and concept I developed to be the first, full-line product portfolio of functional 2oz lifestyle beverages. After designing the product vision, two others founders and I self funded our battler for placement against the beverage giants.

Within 3 years, we achieved distribution to over 300 retail locations, including all Meijer stores, and we were recognized as one of the best global relaxation beverages of 2011. With only $150,000 investment we gained a significant midwest foot-print, achieved successful PR outreach and a loyal ecommerce following. A growing need for significant financial support and slow consumer adoption for the relaxation category, we decided to focus our efforts in other successful endeavors.

Since 2003, I’ve established a large network that has sought my services for front-end development, UI/UX design, digital marketing and video production. For about 10 years I juggled numerous projects and clients solely based on word and operated my contract business under the brand, Mascari Motion.

My education at Grand Valley State University not only provided me an education in Communication and New Media, but also gave me the skills to become extremely resourceful. GVSU did not have the numerous tools most other media schools had, however, the end result of the projects I produced did not suffer in production quality. Moving onto my professional career, I quickly put those skills to work and became successful achieving bold marketing goals with less than adequate budgets.

After college and prior to pursuing my career path, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to perfect “Blue Steel.” I began my two year global journey in the modeling industry. With agencies in Milan, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, I bounced between cities working with the most talented creatives in advertising. This experience allowed me to develop a strong ability to network, build my personal brand, and a glimpse behind the scenes of some of the largest productions in media.

My path has been fluid and winding, stitching together many disciplines and opening unique experiences that have produced strong communication, a repertoire of multidisciplinary design skills and a persistent entrepreneurial spirit.

On a mission to blend full spectrum product development skills to produce beautifully functional solutions.
Product Development Product Marketing Process Implementation Market Research Requirement Definition Team Building Balancing Priorities and Product Trade-Offs Track, Tweak and Innovate New Features Geo-Technologies Digital Media & Mobile Advertising UI/UX Design Video Production Programmatic Ad Platforms Attribution and Data Analyzation Cross functional collaboration JavaScript & Jquery HTML & CSS PHP MySQL
Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Experience Design Adobe Animate Adobe After Effects Adobe InDesign Adobe Premiere Atlassian Jira Atlassian Wiki Pivotal Tracker
Patent US20140236725 Patent US9230267 2012 Winner of Tech Trailblazers 2011 Beverage Innovation Awards - Best Relaxation Beverage Finalist 2011 Beverage Innovation Awards - Best Shot Finalist Grand Rapids trio develop anti-energy drink for sleep, relaxation NEU Magazine - Jason Mascari
Human Centered Design Start-Ups Agile Development Corporate Intelligence Architectural Design Node.js Angular.js Go Python Swift R Ruby Digital Drawing International Travel Dogs! Snowboarding Wakesurfing Raspberry Pi and . . . eagerly awaiting GoBox & Thimble to build "Johnny 5" with my kids

Recent Work Experience

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Chief Product officer, Co-Founder

2009 - Present

Co-founder based in Grand Rapids, MI that helped raise over $6M in Series A funding. Co-led company growth from a 4-person team to 30+ employees across the U.S. and $10M+ in revenue. Own vision and execution of the Moasis product, defining product roadmaps, specifications, building functional prototypes and guiding competitive positioning. Coordinating a team of 10+ engineers, implementing and developing core architecture and executing product roadmaps.

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Director of Mobile Services

2010 - 2012

Led the Company’s transition from Flash to HTML5 services. Reworked existing Flash applications into cross-platform HTML5/JavaScript applications. Responsible for building the mobile development division, generating wireframes, project specifications, prototypes and mobile applications. Led the front-end development for Herman Miller’s iOS enterprise portal and all mobile sales applications distributed within the portal. Clients included Amway, Herman Miller, Haworth, AllSteel and HON.

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Vice President, Co-Founder

2008 - 2012

Founded TAKE10 to develop and market the first, full-line product portfolio of functional 2oz lifestyle beverages. Designed and developed the company’s brand and full product portfolio by managing the formulation process, product testing, and product design which resulted in global recognition in 2011 for Beverage Innovation. Directed the company’s ongoing marketing initiatives, PR, product development and business development.

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More from the past

2000 - 2011

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